The photobook of the long term project “Play The Game Over”.

More than 100 photos from the awarded reportage begun in 2017 about esports and videogames’ culture. You will also find a booklet containing all the captions.

Limited Edition of 100 copies. Collector Edition copies are numbered 1 to 15. 

Curated by Barbara Silbe

Texts by Jacopo Scarabelli, Barbara Silbe and Francesco Lombardo.

Publisher: SelfSelfBooks, 2023.

You can also purchase DVD boxes as optional items. There are 5 of them and in each one of the boxes you will find:


– 5 exclusive 13x18cm prints of photos not included in the book.

– A DVD with exclusive video contents.

– A QR code where to find all the DVD contents and more. 

The DVDs are about specific subjects photographed in my project and the contents are dedicated to that subject for each DVD.

They are: Paolo’s Identity – Team Forge – The Dreamer – Go Go Cosplay – Talks Simulator 

Language: Italiano

Size: 170 x 240mm

Pages: 248

Book Paper: Arena White Smooth 120gr

Booklet Paper: Arena Natural Rough 120gr – Staple binding

Paperback: PUR

Printer: 4+4 HP Indigo
Authenticity details: The books are all signed and dry stamped in the first page. Manually numbered 1 to 100 on the back cover.



The Photobook

The Book and the captions' booklet in their box.

€50.00 | Shipping included

Photobook + 1 DVD

All the contents of the photobook + 1 DVD box at your choice.

€65.00 | Shipping included

Photobook + 3 DVDs

All the contents of the photobook + 3 DVD boxes at your choice.

€90.00 | Shipping included

Collector Edition

All the contents of the photobook with a collector edition cover + All 5 DVD boxes.

€160.00 | Shipping included



€25.00 | Shipping included

Collectibles from the photobook


In the photobook there is a bug. It showed during the preliminary prints: there was a corrupted file in the design.

After noticed it has been made a correct print but, at last, the author decided to mantain the bug in the final version of the photobook for reasons related to the story.
“THE FIX” is that only correct print that has been made in the proofing phase of the photobook’s creation.

Print Specifications
Printer: 4+4 HP Indigo
Paper: Arena White Smooth 120gr
Sizes: Print size 45x30cm . Photography size 24,5×17,2cm
Frame: Black or white 45x30cm wood frame with 3cm border.
Authenticity details: On the back of the prints you will fine the sign, the work’s name and the edition.

Please, contact me to purchase this item.


The two versions of the photobook’s cover as came out from the printer.
For a collection reason noting has been removed. Cutting lines are showed and nothing is bent over.

Print Specifications
Printer: Konica Minolta Accuri Press 3070
Paper: Single Coated Paper 350gr + Matt lamination
Sizes: Print size: 33x45cm each.
Frame: Both prints are presented in a black or white 50x70cm wood frame with 3cm border.
Authenticity details: Both prints are dry stamped on the front and signed on the back.

Please, contact me to purchase this item.