Rgb portraits – The real portrait of our social identity.

The RGB portrait are the result of a research that lasted several years, which has its roots in the world of gaming and has extended up to our contemporary society.
Who we are?
How do others see us?
Our digital life has led us to transform and perceive our identity as the representation of ourselves.
People, observing us from a screen, formulate a judgment based on an image of us that is not exactly faithful.
I chose to go closer to the screen.
I decided to photograph people as close as possible.
I found that our true identity is hidden behind a set of pixels.
And as different as that image may seem to each of us, in reality we are all the same and sequenced.
We are part of a metaverse that already lives in our reality.

Gallery Representation
For RGB portraits i’m represented by TD Art Gallery. Please, contact them for the prints catalog.

You can contact me for custom RGB portraits, instead.
Portraits do not require the physical presence of the person to be portrayed. By their nature they must be carried out through electronic communication. Is possibile to ask for a single face portrait or a mosaic version of 3 details.
Shipping worldwide.

Prints Specifications
Printer: Epson P8000

Paper: ILFORD Smooth Cotton Rag
Sizes: From 60x90cm for unique pieces. Is possibile to print smaller sizes (20x30cm each) for the mosaic version.
Frame: Black or white wood frame with 3cm border and white passe-partout.
Authenticity details: On the back of the prints you will fine the sign, the dry stamp, the work’s name,  the edition, a text of the concepts synopsis and a dry stamped RGB seal. See images below.