A Personal Path

A summary of the personal journey undertaken so far with all that has come with it.

Un Percorso PersonaleIn 2013 I started publishing my photos online.
The exact moment in which I exposed myself with a more personal photography and with a perspective of “making myself known” with shots that differed from those that I do for work in the studio.
Yes, because I’m usually used to taking photographs on commission for private individuals, ceremonies, portraits and so on.
I have been doing that work since 2004, as soon as I finished high school.
I immediately dealt with photo editing, post-production and digital processing.
At that time, in fact, the first steps were taken in digital photography. And, given my studies, I was the most suitable person for that type of job.
I wasn’t shooting so much, I wasn’t ready yet.

In the following years I not only started shooting in the various photoshoots of the studio, but I also started to travel to bring that experience into personal contexts.
Since 2008 my practice has also applied during these trips. Oman, Mauritius, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Just to mention the most distant destinations.
But I was also getting to know Fuerteventura, where I was on vacation for the first time in 2012.

After the first online publications and in some magazines I realized that I was ready to take another step, to follow a direction that I felt more in contact to this desire to communicate my projects. That of reportage and documentary photography.
A territory hitherto unexplored by me on a design level, but with a lot of practical experience gained over the years at work.
I followed a training course that led me to create Play The Game Over. My first project of that kind.
From that project came awards, publications and interviews.

I have always treated this personal path parallel to the working reality of the studio.
Two identities that talk about photography in a different way and with different targets.
Yet this more authorial reality has benefited considerably from what is the working activity.
Many people came to do photoshoots after seeing those works, and several large companies contacted me for the same reason.
A personal path that will continue to maintain its identity and which will consequently have a positive impact on work.

All this to say how important it is to always try, if possible, to do something we like and to carry it forward with dedication, passion and care.
Even when you seem to be doing something just for yourself, you are actually communicating it to many people, who will understand its value and recognize it, even if they come from different contexts.
I reiterate how important it is to differentiate yourself from others in the way you expose yourself and always look for a way that represents you distinctly.
Being a path it never ends, and this awareness in continuing to learn will be the one that will take you further and further.



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