Surrealitalia – The end and a beginning.

The conclusion of an important exhibition.

A big THANK YOU again to everyone who visited the Surrealitalia photographic exhibition at Milan Malpensa Airport.
It was the beginning of April when i setted up the exhibition in that important place.
It was supposed to be displayed till the end of may, but everything’s gone very well and so the exhibition itself received different upgrades:
– Extended till the end of June.
– Be part of the Milano Photo Week. One of the most important photography events of the year in Italy.
– Extended till the end of July.

When i started this journey i believed something could happens thanks to this exposure.
But there was something inside of me that was looking beyond. I was about to publish my first reportage “Play The Game Over” and taking another direction.
Then i started to receive some relevant feedbacks and my project came back in its important position inside my head.
A project thought and developed on the basis of the dedicated space.
A work of editing on single images that wasn’t simple to manage because it wants to tell a vision thanks to that combination of landscape photographies.
2 smaller “preview” exhibitions in the past months where i “tested” the project’s potency.

Quando ho cominciato questa avventura ho sempre creduto che qualcosa potesse succedere grazie a tale esposizione.
Ma c’era anche una parte di me che guardava avanti. Ero in procinto di pubblicare il mio primo reportage “Play The Game Over” in cui mi proiettavo in tutt’altra direzione.
Poi sono cominciati ad arrivare i primi feedback importanti e il progetto ha riconquistato la sua posizione nella mia testa.
Un progetto pensato e sviluppato in base allo spazio espositivo a cui era destinato.
Un lavoro di editing su foto singole che mi ha messo abbastanza la prova, perchè voleva raccontare una visione grazie a quell’accostamento di fotografie di paesaggio.
2 esposizioni più piccole nei mesi precedenti per “testare” la validità del progetto.
In short, a journey where the one of Malpensa was just the tip of the iceberg.

Probably there will be no more Surrealitalia exhibitions.
I like to think of it as the conclusion of a visual journey designed for the masses.
This is why I consider myself more than satisfied that I’ve been able to expose this project to the most appropriate place for its distracted and fleeting target.

Thanks to Milan Airports who believed in me and who still continues to do, even now that the exhibition is over.
I presented myself as an unknown emerging photographer among the giants but they always treated me with extreme professionalism.
All this contributed to the realization of an exhibition that gave light to a space that will give us more photography.

Behind a space with an appearance of simple reading and fruition, can hides something deeper and more structured.
After all, This is the sense of Surrealitalia.

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