We all are that bakery

With Coronavirus, we are all that bakery.

This month i published the last part of my reportage about “Il Fornaio Manzoni”.
2 years ago they closed the doors to public because the shop earnings were not enough to cover the costs.
And that happened because of bad politics on bread distribution. Now they tried to re-open to public with a new spirit and new ideas. 
The bakery is going really good right now because people understood the importance of losing a reality like that.
The quality, the kindness, the care, the culture of bread. Points that are so important for the community and also for the quality of life.

The full story is described in the three-parts reportage at these links:
The Last Day
Lievito Madre
The First Day

Today i wrote this text to put the attention of what this reportage means in the situation we are all living with the coronavirus.
A lot of activities are closed or are going to close because we are in the red zone and there are many restrictions.
Probably this is going to last more than 2 weeks.
They are not 2 years like the bakery but, you know, the damage will be relevant for most of them.
This was not supposed to happens anyway.

Today more that ever, the story sends us an important message.
We have to support our community.
We are part of it and we can’t believe only in what politics do for us.
We are the main players.
When all this will end remember to be part of a restart.
BE the “Mother Yeast” (Lievito Madre).


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