Extended View

Creativity and interest in other arts are elements that are reflected in my photography today.

Extended View

It happens that people ask me “But do you still draw?”, “Have you recorded other songs?”, “Did that videogame you were working on come out then?”, “Did you paint that miniature?”.
Probably who is reading these questions is wondering what these questions have to do with this blog where I talk about photography.
In reality they are strongly connected. They are part of an extended view.

Although i grew up in the family photo studio, I have always been interested in everything that is “creativity”.
While studying graphics I got closer to comics and illustration. Passion that continued in the following years and led me to the publication of a comic and other related works.
For some time I also immersed myself in the world of music production creating pieces entirely composed, recorded, written and sung by me.
In recent times I made character designs and, together with some friends, I have created a videogame that unfortunately has never been produced.
With the rebirth of board games in the last 5 years I have dedicated myself to painting miniatures.
And what about this website? The result of web design studies.

Experiences that have shaped me and that continue to do so.
I have always been a creative and this has often led me to have many interests and to carry them forward concretely.
Over time I learned to synthesize all this knowledge in a form of communication that is closer to me, photography.
This does not mean having stopped feeding my creative soul.
My gaze is always turned to the other arts besides the photographic one.
I am a comic book reader, a videogame player, I still paint and draw. It’s part of my personality.

I’m not the only one.
There are many photographers who also dedicate themselves to other art forms. Just as many designers, painters or singers have a passion for photography.
I think of Lenny Kravitz, to whom a Leica M Drifter was recently dedicated.

I really admire creatives. I like to know that an artist, known for a certain expression, also has other communication skills.
Shades of a person that complete his or her 360 ° identity.

Today, when I take photography, I put together a whole series of experiences, teachings, rules, etc. which comes from the different artistic expressions that I have lived in my life so far. And this makes the personal path not random. But composed of many pieces of a puzzle that is always the same and that continues to train me as a person and as a communicator.


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