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In November i started a Masterclass at Foto-Image. Which expect the realization of a personal photographic project with a specific focus on editing and visual narration.
I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to be followed by masters like Fulvio Bugani, Giulio Di Sturco and the editor Annalisa d’Angelo.
I started the Masterclass with a main idea complicated to handle and not particularly strong, and another idea that I’m developing now since in those months wasn’t possible.
We would meet again in January with something to show but at the beginning of December i produced nothing.

Then a series of coincidences brought me to the world of professional videogamers.
I was not totally convinced because I didn’t know the environment well despite being a fan of videogames.
Furthermore, the limited time available discouraged me. But not enough to stop me.

In two days I took the opportunity offered by the Forge Team to go and see them in Turin, where just in mid-December they would play the Italian Final of the ESL circuit.
And then, 2 days later, I was at the final where the team came out victorious and in which I made the first knowledge of the scene, and I opened a world.
The Esports world.

The passion and the competition felt in the air and, even if you maybe don’t know the game, you are involved in the sport mood of the event.
Team Forge is specialized in League of Legends. A strategic game comparable to Chess. A predetermined field with specific possibilities of movement and different characters (pawns) with various abilities that the players command in order to get to destroy the opposing base (checkmate).
The game requires a lot of strategic and manual skills. The variables are many and everything is played in real-time, unlike the Chess where the games are played in shifts.
The concentration was very high and the players were completely focused in the virtual battlefield.
And i was too, with my camera.

This is how i pushed the button.
How a pressed “Start“.

Backstage footage

Play The Game Over - StartPlay The Game Over - StartPlay The Game Over - Start

Play The Game Over


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