PTGO – Red Vs Blue

The chromatic synthesis of Red Vs Blue.

The chromatic synthesis of Red Vs Blue is the visual translation of competitiveness.
You can see it in Esports but also in traditional sports and games.
It’s easy to find examples like the boxe or the table soccer.
“Red Vs Blue” is also the title of a serie of video productions, produced using the graphic engine of “Halo”, videogame where the multiplayer teams where divided in red and blue.
Red and Blue are the colors of the South Korean flag too. State where Esports are very popular.

For this kind of project i searched for a visual and color synthesis from the beginning and i easily found it.
And it’s been my color reference when i shooted every photo of the project.
Is great how this can help to find a direction that will help you in the editing.

You can notice that there is also a green variable in some sequence and that is a reference to the grass, which is the kind of terrain where most of the traditional sports are played.
It’s been funny to discover that a lot of the games (League of Legends too) present a green field. The first game for home console ever was “Tennis”, and it was made just with white and green.

My biggest satisfaction is been to “discover” that this colors are also the composition of the RGB pixel where Red, Green and Blue together can produce all the colors of the Pc monitor where the Esports games are played.

Backstage footage

PTGO - Red Vs BluePTGO - Red Vs BluePTGO - Red Vs BluePTGO - Red Vs Blue

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