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Videogames teach us that sometimes we need a pause.
And so I did for the photographic shootings.
The topic treated led me in very different situations. This means having to mentally reorganize from time to time.
Try to partially reset what you have done previously by keeping the information that will remain valid for all the photographs produced in the photo-reportage.
It is not easy to find a favorable flow, but I was able to maintain a well organized lineup.

The last two photographic shootings were made in the second week of July 2018, with the reportage already published, and with them ends the first part of “Play The Game Over”.
The editing is changed with the replacement of 3 photographs that I invite you to view.

So, after more than 1 month of coverage here on the blog and on my Social pages, “Play The Game Over” goes to “pause” status.
And it do that with an “Honorable Mention” Award at PX3 2018 which gave me great satisfaction.

I will resume this “game” in September 2018, but I invite you to follow me because in the meantime I have another story to tell.

Backstage footage

Play The Game Over - PausePlay The Game Over - PausePlay The Game Over - PausePlay The Game Over - PausePlay The Game Over - Pause

Play The Game Over

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