PTGO – GG (Good Game)

GG (Good Game).

When you play a competitive game you do it as part of a biggest plan. Costancy, sacrifice and dedication in training are the key to achieving important results if there are the right conditions to dispute the game.
You must necessarily overcome that limit that forces you into a status of indecision between being a pro and being a good player.

In December 2017 when i photographed Team Forge in Turin while winning at the ESL Championship i started this journey.
“Play The Game Over” was born, a project that i developed for several months and which continues to grow.
Where i shoot a lot of photographs to get a selection of 40 shots.
And only few of them go to compete in photography contests.
With only 5 photos i won the PX3 2018.
And the same 5 photos are present on the interview for the Corriere dello Sport.

Results that come after a creative process that involves you and pushes you to continue doing well, in full control of what you have in your hands.

Last weekend i attended the Milan Games Week where, in addition to taking many other photos, i had the chance to meet for the third time the Team Forge.
I photographed them, winning the Red Bull Factions, and i realized with my mind all this work, the goals achieved and those to be achieved.
With MSI Gaming, at the Team was given the print of the opening photo of the project that portrayed them in Turin.
Seeing that photo on the wall in a private event with the Team present the evening before the final match filled me with joy.
My “cup” raised in the sky, as they would have done them the next day in a crazy rain of red and blue paper strips.

And now we continue, with different news on the horizon (Subscribe to the Newsletter).
New challenges, new goals and other cups to raise.


Backstage footage

Play The Game Over - GG (Good Game) -Play The Game Over - GG (Good Game) -Play The Game Over - GG (Good Game) -Play The Game Over - GG (Good Game) -

Play The Game Over

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