PTGO – Game Over

In the last article on “Play The Game Over” i mentioned news on the horizon.

The most relevant is undoubtedly the permanent exhibition of the project at the new MSI Gaming offices in Bergamo.
They, like others in the Esports scene, have been fundamental for the success of the project and i’m happy to be able to crown this collaboration.
I recommend you follow the events published on their Facebook page. Participating in them you can also see the exhibition.

This is an article i’m publishing after a coverage of many months about “Play The Game Over”.
With this post I’m going to close for a while the series of publications on the blog and socials about the project itself.
The desire to continue to explore the theme remains alive and in the next months of “silence” i hope to bring the project to new levels.
There will obviously be updates in case of publications, exhibitions and prizes…

So, the game is over but, doing it, i unlocked new difficulties to overcome to be able to complete 100% as i would like.


Backstage footage

PTGO - Game OverPTGO - Game OverPTGO - Game OverPTGO - Game Over

Play The Game Over


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