A new year

A new year that begins with some good intentions.

A new year

2019 ends with many achievements.
Probably this year I had the most awards and prizes for the works done ever.
2 international awards at the IPA Awarded and ND Awards for “Play The Game Over”.
It was also the year of my first workshops built from scratch and in particular I’m talking about the Photography Travel to Fuerteventura.

In 2020 there will be a lot of news.
At first the story of the Manzoni’s bakery will end. After “The Last Day” and “Lievito Madre” it will be the turn of “The First Day”, the story of the first day of opening to the public.
Many have asked me for information regarding the next workshops. Towards March / April I plan to publish a series of events dedicated to photographic training which, as announced on Instagram stories, will also include the new edition of the Photography Travel to Fuerteventura in October.

The biggest news concerns a new work that I am producing and I think will take at least 1 year to complete. It could, by 2021, become my next “big project” but it’s too early to say.

There are some good intentions for the year that has just begun.
First of all publish more constantly on the blog. Many people visit my page and it seems to me a good thing to involve you more. This also applies to my YouTube channel. I am thinking of making some photographic in-depth videos.
I want to add the Corporate section, where you can also see some relevant works made in recent years for important national and international companies.
I do not go further even if there is no lack of ideas.
But first of all I want to finalize these.

I conclude by wishing everyone a peaceful 2020 full of curiosities, news and personal growth.


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