Two Tribes

The past and the present of the tribal Malaysia.

The social status we live in the West tends to be recognized as the one that everyone aspires to.
And we often expand this thought globally.
Egoistically, we are familiar with the “So it should be for everyone”.

Malaysia is divided into 2 macro regions. That peninsular and Borneo.
I have seen
the realities of these two regions.
Realities that are very different from the lifestyle we know.
And it is just a way of life what they have decided to live in these tribes of Malaysia.

The first tribe is located in the most modern peninsular region.
n the dense jungle of Taman Negara.
They are called Orang Asli and are the most primitive form of tribe present in the Malay territory.
Men are hunters. There are few in fact in the village.
Women take care of the many children. The older ones play under the monsoon’s rain just as this manifests.

In the wild Borneo, the tribe has a more modern version.
The Longhouse are rudimentary villages on a single stump.
Small gathering communities where everyone has their own job and they help each other.
They also live in tourism and are more organized in this regard.
But in any case they also follow a lifestyle.

Far from the cranes.
Far from steel.