The First Day

The new start of “Il Fornaio Manzoni”. The first day.

2 yeas ago the “Fornaio Manzoni” closed to public. (“The Last Day”)
After more than a year Carlo decided to re-open “Il Fornaio” to public, with the help of her sister Rita and some new entry.

The works have been made with attention to details and looking to give customers a new look but maintaining the good old feeling of family and care.
I followed the works ( “Lievito Madre” ), but I’ve also been there when the new “Il Fornaio” started this new adventure.

This is the story of a special day that means hope, strength, tradition and culture.
The passion that give you new ideas and motivate you to create something new.
Something that could be a message not only to customers, but also to other activities that are always frustrated by bureaucracy and all that stuff.

A light in a country where 6.500 little/medium activities closed in the first 6 months of 2019.