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PTGO – GG (Good Game)

GG (Good Game). When you play a competitive game you do it as part of a biggest plan. Costancy, sacrifice and dedication in training are the key to achieving important results if there are the […]

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PTGO – Resume

Resume. It’s time to resume the game where we left. “Play The Game Over”, my photographic project entirely focused on the Esports and the culture of videogames, returns to invade my social profiles of Facebook and Instagram. In […]

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PTGO – Pause

Pause. Videogames teach us that sometimes we need a pause. And so I did for the photographic shootings. The topic treated led me in very different situations. This means having to mentally reorganize from time […]

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PTGO – Red Vs Blue

The chromatic synthesis of Red Vs Blue. The chromatic synthesis of Red Vs Blue is the visual translation of competitiveness. You can see it in Esports but also in traditional sports and games. It’s easy to find […]

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PTGO – Start

Start. In November i started a Masterclass at Foto-Image. Which expect the realization of a personal photographic project with a specific focus on editing and visual narration. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to […]

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