Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka. A travel into the infinite simplicity.

Sri Lanka …
In the beginning you stop with those great differences that the western can not ignore.
Once assimilated, however, they carry you into a world made of the essentials. Poverty is palpable in many situations.
But the ability to arrange of the Singalesi made them rise after a long period of civil wars, revolted and the disastrous Tsunami of 2004.

10 years after the country is growing and tourism begins to propagate more and more clearly.

Because it is impossible not to be enchanted by the historical, cultural and natural beauties it offers.
Unique environments rich in spirituality on the one hand and uncontaminated and wild on the other.

The strong colonial influence creates even stronger contrasts that explode whenever you move from one area to another.
Touching the ground when walking in the pool of water together with the innumerable faithful in one of the many temples is something inexplicable in words.

All this set of emotions brings the observer to perceive nuances and moments in a totally new and clear way.

Simplicity has rich content.
And the complexity of certain situations and places will make you feel small in front of so much magnificence.

A balance that leads you to find a stable point in a short time to make sure that you do not lose yourself in an uncontrollable stream of different vibrations.