Photography in Val d’Orcia

My point of view, my photography in Val d’Orcia.

This summer after the seaside week, of which I have already talked to you, I have been 2 days in Val d’Orcia. One stop on the way back to Milan.
I was curious to see this place for the first time and photograph it.
Because it’s probably, for landscape photography, the most photographed area in Italy. Desired by photographers around the world.
Like all the landscapes photographed there are the spots.
A specific and well-reported points of view from where the “famous” picture is taken.
Places from which I tend to find myself far away.
In this case my repulsion was well marked.

I think photography should be emotional as well. Sometimes it is only partially, sometimes it is almost totally. But it is, however, always.
That is, the representation of what a place, a person, a vision have given you, and not the slide of what they are. A communication between the photographer and what he sees.
And observing the Val d’Orcia I slowly painted in my mind the painting up to its final shape.
I did a lot of shots, but in the editing phase I’ve extrapolated 3 images that differently represent the essence of this place.


Just look at the paintings of the Sienese painters whom UNESCO refers, to understand what I am talking about.
A stylization that does not seem to be that. The landscape is just like that. So it was studied in the Renaissance so that the agricultural and social fabric worked.

Lines. Curve. Sky.

A vision far away from the sunsets and sunrises of the complex photographs I’ve seen before seeing the reality.
This is what I perceived.
This is my photography in Val d’Orcia.
And these are the three shots.


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