Lievito Madre

The second life of Manzoni’s bakery starts from the basics. From the “Lievito Madre”.

2 yeas ago the “Fornaio Manzoni” closed to public. (“The Last Day”)
The oven continued to serves local restaurants and pubs.
In the following years people asked for the Manzoni’s bread and some bar starts to sell their breads to their clients.

The idea of a new store is born from Carlo, the baker.
Together with Rita, his sister, they decided to redesign the bakery.
That means not only a brand new look, but also reinvent their way to present their products.
Mrs. Giulia, the mother, will not be part of this new start, but she’s still an icon for the people and the bakery itself.
The photograph displayed in the new store, that depicts her with the late Mr. Manzoni, is already a symbol.

Lievito Madre is the story of this decision and the work that is been made by the redesign team and by the Manzoni’s family.
Waiting for the first day.