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Sponsors and photography

Sponsor e Fotografia
During the development of “Play The Game Over”, the photographic and documentary reportage on Esports and the culture of video games, i met different realities of the videogames scene.
A world that opened the doors to me and allowed me to move freely, understanding the value of my idea from the beginning.

Among these players there is MSI, an international company leader in the production of high performance hardware, employed in gaming but not only
Because of the development of my project and the results obtained in subsequent releases from the publication, MSI has decided to reserve a space within their offices, where to exhibit an exclusive selection of 12 photographs of the project that you can only see by visiting them during the events open to the public they organize.

At the beginning of 2019 I announced my first photography workshop, the photographic travel to Fuerteventura.
A proposal that, due to the nature of the place and the type of photography that follows , it differs a lot from the documentary project on videogames treated for the whole 2018.
I like the contrasts, and during the publication of “Play The Game Over” i broke with a report on the closure of a local bakery. A warm and “traditional” story.
Contrasts that play their risk, sometimes going to confuse those who follow me, especially today when people are used to standards.

To my surprise, MSI has decided to become the sponsor of the photographic trip to Fuerteventura.
And this collaboration creates a connection between the previous photographic project and the workshop i’m advertising.
A sponsor that is not obvious and banal. It is not just an important name to show.
Instead it is the result of a process that started in 2017 and brought me here. Something that makes me really proud.

The partnership will also give participants the chance to use their own notebook, the brand new PS63 Modern, during the Canary experience.

A concrete added value, which is not the usual gadget.
A sponsor who immediately proved to be present and proactive, raising the level not only of the workshop but also of different situations that will come later.
One of these is happened Saturday 30 march during the MSI Fan Day powered by Crossover, where i held a free photoworkshop in front of almost 50 subscribed photographers.
An interesting experience which received a really positive feedback.

All these words to motivate my thanks towards them.
Because I think it’s all much more beautiful as there is a reason, really.


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