Five Minutes Vision

A brief history about a five minutes vision.

I’ve been to Alagna Valsesia, in Piedmont, Italy, one of the last weekends.
A small vacation that my girlfriend gave me on my birthday.
I took the camera with me, always ready in case of inspiration.

That’s because it was not the situation where I had a project on my head or something else.
I simply shooted when I felt the need to do it.

Until the time came, one morning, when an environmental situation involved me and I was able to create some landscape photographs that became a small set connected by a visual and visionary wire.
And that’s something I like to work on. I find it inherent in my way of communicating with photography just as it happens in “Surrealitalia“.

And this time lasted five minutes.
But from those five minutes a dark story came out with Dark and Fantasy / Sci-Fi recalls.
A five minutes vision.


The photo “The Sleeping Giants” is Editors’ Favorite on National Geographic.

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