Endless Love

The birth of my daughter.

Magenta, Italy.
In the early afternoon Elena starts the induced labor.
Soon after the pain is felt and the labor room becomes a surreal place.
Made of an unusual quiet broken by determined moments of pain.
Welcoming those painful seconds is not easy for Elena but she continues her journey for long hours.

At 4:55 pm Marlene is born with caesarean section.
His mother, and my partner, could not complete conception in a natural way.

I find myself in the room adjacent to the surgery where the surgeons are closing her wound.
The mother’s screams of pain i heard before left room for those of the child’s desperation.
Two midwives are taking care of her.
They measure her, wash her and do they job to ensure the best in these first moments of life.
I just look at them and I live these moments, photographing.

An event that brings all the cards back into play.
And he does it with something that until then could only be an utopian slogan.
Endless Love is now pure and undeniable reality.