A Personal Path

A summary of the personal journey undertaken so far with all that has come with it. In 2013 I started publishing my photos online. The exact moment in which I exposed myself with a more […]

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About photography Post-Production

I want to talk about the photography Post-Production by analyzing this creative process in its different shades. Recently I have often put the attention on the topic of photography Post-Production. In the stories of my […]

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Where to publish your photos online

Many wonder where is the right place to publish your photos online to start an authorial journey. I decided to tell you about my experience… From 2015 I began to expose my works in personal […]

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Extended View

Creativity and interest in other arts are elements that are reflected in my photography today. It happens that people ask me “But do you still draw?”, “Have you recorded other songs?”, “Did that videogame you […]

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The eSports Photographer

I tell you the story of “The eSports Photographer”. When in 2018 I won the first prizes with “Play The Game Over” I started to send my project to several Italian and international publishers. Zero […]

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Photographic approach and personal projects.

It is essential to distinguish the photographic approach to evaluate a personal project. It often happens to hear from the authors conflicting statements about how correct it is to face a photographic project. There are […]

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Publish a Photobook

The publication of a photobook appeals to many photographers. But is it necessary? During the Fotorubrica I often recommend publications. One of the questions I was asked is “How can i publish a photobook?”. A […]

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Fotorubrica, a new appointment for photographers and beyond.   In this period of lockdown many creatives are working hard to create content and engage the many people forced home. I decided to start involving my […]

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We all are that bakery

With Coronavirus, we are all that bakery. This month i published the last part of my reportage about “Il Fornaio Manzoni”. 2 years ago they closed the doors to public because the shop earnings were […]

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Awarded at the ND Awards 2019

While i was writing the post for this new year i realized that i never mentioned the other international recognition i received for “Play The Game Over“. An “Honorable Mention Award” in the “Sports” category at the ND […]

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