A week in Tuscany

About the photos i took in Maremma at the beach.

As many of you probably saw on my Instagram Profile i’ve been in Tuscany with my family and i enjoyed taking some photos too.
There is a camping there where i go since i was born and i love it.
Is relaxing and i love the connection with nature.
I shooted there a lot of photos in the past and one of them is part of the Surrealitalia project.
I post it here too:

This year i made some session and in both situations i’ve been lucky.
When i shoot landscapes i always try to tell a story, a mood, a contrast.
So not only technique. I always try to do the best job in that way but i just get bored to produce just a “beautiful image”.
So when i say that i’ve been lucky is ’cause, in situations where i was just doing technique, the magic happened!

In the first case i was on the beach at sunset.
I started to shoot the first sunset, the second, the third…and so on.
I enjoyed the moment but i was taking my stuff and leaving the beach at some point.
The sun was gone and the tide was increasing.
I heard the waves and when i turned around a puddle of water was there.
I instantly putted the tripod with the camera on the sand and i took this long exposure with the setting i used the minutes before.

In the second case i was on these rocks between a river and the sea.
This is where you have to come to reach Cala Violina, which is a beautiful beach hidden into these hills.
So i wanted to make a descriptive image and talk about the legend about this beach.
There was a strong wind and i took position between the rocks to stabilize the camera on the tripod.
The first images was too blue. The sky wasn’t so dark so that blue hour was too blue.
I waited some minutes there until the tower’s light turned on!
The warm lights produce the color balance i was searching for.
A balance which give a deeper meaning to the image and enhanche the mystery.

Then i’ve been in Val d’Orcia. But that’s another story.

You can see the photos at the bottom.


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