Jacopo Scarabelli is a professional photographer based in Milan, Italy.

He trained as a photographer in the photographic studio owned by his family and then at the Graphic Institute where he achieved his diploma.
In the next years he also showed interest in the visual arts specifically in Comics and Illustration for which he studied.
During the following years he concentrate this knowledges to his first passion. Photography.

He manages the transition from analogue to digital in the family photographic Lab and begins to make professional photo shoots on assignments.
He specialize in Portraits and Weddings.

He begins to travel the world.
After years of traveling he begins to find his own identity in this genre of photography and he expose himself as author proposing several short sets taken from these travels.

But with the trip to Sri Lanka he starts to pack larger projects.
From that experience he worked on a photographic project that takes him first to publish a book and later to expose a photographic exhibition.

In october 2016 he’s semifinalist at Siena International Photography Awards with the first part of the new long-term project “Surrealitalia”.
In october 2017 wins the “Honorable Mention Award” at the International Photography Awards 2017 with the photo “Order & Chaos” from project “Surrealitalia”.

The personal exposition “Surrealitalia” is presented in 2017 and exposed in the Milan Malpensa International Airport in March 2018.

During the last 2 years he joined masterclasses with the “World Press Photo” awarded photographers Paolo Marchetti, Fulvio Bugani and Giulio Di Sturco.


  • The photo “Opening” has been published by Nikon Italia on their social pages and on the magazine Fotografare.
  • The photo “Cueva de Los Verdes” has been published on the magazine Fotografare.
  • The photo “Fingers” has been published on Nikon Europe and National Geographic Italia websites.
  • The photo “Framing Tropea” has been published by Nikon Italia on their social pages.
  • The photo “The Castle Rocks” received the Honorary Mention and featured two times on ViewBug.
  • The photo “Below” is featured on ViewBug.
  • The photo “Order & Chaos” won the “Honorable Mention Award” at the International Photography Awards 2017 in the Category “One Shot: Climate Change: Air”
  • The photo “Two Souls” is featured on ViewBug.


  • 500px – International Photography Community
  • LD & MD – Markets and Discounts
  • SCM – Solution Capital Management
  • Asendia – By La Poste and Swiss Post
  • Portioli – Coffee and Coffee Machines
  • Park – Excellence in Print
  • Sassella – Food & Events
  • Electron – Educational Equipment


Jacopo Scarabelli è un fotografo certificato “Nikon NPS Photographer” e membro dell’associazione italiana fotografi professionisti “TAU Visual”.